Staff List

Senior Leadership Team


Richard Preece

Executive Headteacher / CEO

John Anderson


Rochelle Abraham

Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Alison Love

Assistant Headteacher and Deputy DSL

Marion Booth

Director of Resources

Teaching Staff


Aimee Holland

Class Teacher and Learning Leader for Science

Jasmine Seymour

Class Teacher and Learning Leader for Phonics and Reading

Ben Fisher

Class  Teacher and Learning Leader for Early Years and Foundation Stage

Letitia Booth

Class  Teacher and Learning Leader for Outdoor and Physical Education

Miss Saunders

Class  Teacher

Christine Brown

Class  Teacher

Sarah Hogan

Class  Teacher

Sarah Inkster

Class  Teacher

Tamara Piggott

Class  Teacher

Sam Dobson

Class  Teacher

Lisa Adams

Class Teacher

Fay Jagot

Class Teacher

Mark Scrivener

Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants


Jacqueline Daniell Teaching Assistant 
Kay Camoccio Teaching Assistant 
Kim Cornwal Teaching Assistant
Emily Goodrum Teaching Assistant
Kay Butterworth Teaching Assistant
Kate Oak Teaching Assistant 
Andrea Heskett Teaching Assistant 
Diane Whiting Teaching Assistant 
Kat Webb Teaching Assistant 
Kay Sapsford Teaching Assistant 
Stephen French Teaching Assistant 
Michelle Drew Teaching Assistant
Jonathan Kelly Teaching Assistant
Maritia Elliott Teaching Assistant
Milly Jenkins Teaching Assistant
Erin Tombs Teaching Assistant 
Cath Von Isenburgh Teaching Assistant 
Fion Tang Teaching Assistant 
Robyn Pollard Teaching Assistant 
Samantha O'Nions Teaching Assistant 
Caroline Scudder Teaching Assistant 
Ellie Johnson Teaching Assistant 
Bonnie Robinson Teaching Assistant
Erika Holdaway-Willard Teaching Assistant

Additional Staff

Kayla Quinnell

Assistant Director of Resources

Aga Slusarczyk

Finance Officer

Diane Barton


Scott Webb

Federation Caretakers

Alan Baldwin

Federation Caretakers

Ron Smith

Federation Caretakers

Joe Leigh

Site Manager

Ian Withycombe

Federation ICT Technician