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Curriculum Overview

If you are interested in our academic or personal development curricula please email torfieldoffice@tasmat.org.uk for more information. 

A Curriculum for Every Learner

At Torfield each child benefits from a curriculum that is matched to their Individual Education Plan and is designed to support both their academic and personal development.

This website provides information about our personal and academic curricula. Every child is on a unique journey through those curricula meaning every child is learning skills and knowledge individualised to their stage of progress.

Our curriculum map below shares the content for each subject across the academic year.

Curriculum 2022 to 20223
Academic Development

Pupils at Torfield enjoy lessons in all National Curriculum subjects. This begins with Step One, our Early Development curriculum which gives pupils the starting point they need to access subject-specific learning.

Through differentiated lessons, they develop their knowledge and skills in all areas following a sequence of learning based upon their individual phase of development, not their year group. The skills and knowledge our pupils gain follows a carefully considered sequence this sequence begins with steps and progresses onto stages. To discover the skills and knowledge our pupils benefit from for each step and stage of each subject please follow the links below.

Academic Development

Personal Development

Alongside their academic development pupils at Torfield are also given support and guidance to build greater independence by building their personal development. Our curriculum for personal development is delivered through the school’s Rainbow Awards which recognise and celebrate each individual pupil’s progress and achievements. Each week, a child who has made significant progress towards their personal development receives the Star of the Week: Rainbow award during our celebration assembly.

To discover the knowledge and skills our pupils benefit from for each part of the Rainbow Awards please follow the links below.

Personal Development




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