Your Child's Curriculum

At Torfield each child benefits from a curriculum that is matched to their Individual Education Plan and is designed to support both their academic and personal development. This gives them broad and balanced experience across all National Curriculum subjects and more.

To see an overview of what your child will be learning for each subject on a term-by-term basis this school year you can visit their Class Overview 

Lessons and interventions at Torfield are planned and differentiated so that children can develop their knowledge and skills along a carefully considered sequence. If you would like to know what your child will learn in each individual subject throughout their time at Torfield you can visit our Subject Overviews

The skills and knowledge our pupils gain follows a carefully considered sequence for both academic and personal development. This sequence begins with steps and progresses onto stages which helps us to differentiate lessons and celebrate children's progress. To discover the skills and knowledge your child will develop please visit: Steps and Stages of Academic and Personal Development